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Our Honey Sticks obtain their incredibly aromatic flavor from 100% Pure, Uncut, Unfiltered U.S. Grade A Wildflower Honey. Our famous honey, made by our happy and much-beloved honeybees, is always 100% pure and unprocessed with original flavor. Baby, this is what you came for.

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Each of our skincare products are handmade in the USA.


Non-GMO products are higher quality products.


THC free Honey Sticks are legal in all 50 states.

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All-Natural Super Food 

Healthy Honey Sticks are Full Spectrum Rich Hemp Extract. All sticks are 100% Natural Wildflower Honey US Grade A Raw Honey sourced from Kentucky. Each stick is infused with 12mg in a BPA free straw.  

  •  Each Honey Stick holds 1 tsp (5 grams) of Infused Honey
  • Only 15 calories per Honey Stick
  • No artificial colors or ingredients
  • Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union  

Infused Honey Sticks are a perfect packable, portable, affordable addition to your daily wellness routine. With over 12mg per stick, you're getting a standard recommended amount for general wellness plus the benefits of honey as a superfood. 

Sweet Healthy Honey infused Rich Hemp Extract

Enjoy the taste of raw, pure honey and an earthy hint of the hemp extracts, just enough so you know they are in there. Consume right from the straw, add to your favorite hot/cold beverage, or drizzle over your favorite snack. 

Perfect for a ‘grab and go’ all-natural solution to help get you through the most stressful parts of your day! 

It is also rich in antiseptic and antioxidant properties, a good source of energy and nutrients, and a great substitute for sugar. 

  • Nutrients – Carbohydrate 27%, Calories 15%, Dietary Fiber 1%
  • Vitamins – Riboflavin 2%, Vitamin C 1%, Vitamin B6 1% 
  • Minerals – Manganese 4%, Iron 2%, Cooper 2% 

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100% Money Back Guarantee!

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