Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Raw Honey?

The honey that you see in a beehive is raw honey. This type of honey is available through extraction or straining. The honey that’s used in Honey Health Sticks is raw and goes through a very basic filtration process. Most honey in the market has undergone a heating process above 118°F or pasteurization.

Pasteurization strips away many of the
beneficial properties of honey

2. Is the Honey Used in Health Sticks Organic?

Absolutely. All honey used in Health Sticks is 100% organic and non-GMO. This means you’re getting honey the way nature intended it, with little human interference. The honey that you see on store shelves is usually non-organic, pasteurized, and contains many additives.

If it does not contain additives, it's refined and heated, leading to its light, golden color but with very little nutritional value. Our honey is darker in color and hasn’t been through any unnatural processes. Dark-colored honey has more antioxidants and has many health benefits.

3. Doesn’t Honey Extraction Harm Bees?

Our company is serious about saving bees in both practice and belief. We source all our honey from local beekeepers who are SQF-Certified. We visit the beekeepers to ensure that they are practicing ethical honey sourcing methods. The bees are well taken care of and are never fed anything artificial.

The bees are free to roam in wildflower fields and that is where they source their food to make the honey you enjoy. Real, raw honey has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Only the safest, most health-conscious practices source your honey.

4. What is Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract?

The hemp plant was a favorite in the United States for decades. It is versatile and produces several products, not just CBD. Federal law stipulates that all CBD extracts come from hemp, not marijuana. Hemp only contains 0.3% THC, which does not produce any psychoactive high.

Honey Health Sticks contain full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. This means that the entire benefits of the plant and its cannabinoids are used. The full-Spectrum extract is much better than CBD-isolated extract. It's closest to the plant’s natural form and is the more natural type of extract for health-conscious consumers.

5. Will the CBD in the Health Sticks Cure my Illnesses?

We like to keep things truthful and in perspective when we’re talking about our Honey Health Sticks. Neither honey nor CBD will cure a disease. However, what these sticks "may" help with symptoms that result from the disease.

7. Do the Sticks Contain THC?

No, the Honey Health Sticks do not contain THC. Although some traces of THC may appear in health sticks that sold in states where THC is legal, it is barely at 0.3%. This means that the health sticks will never produce any type of psychoactive high.

In states where THC is completely banned, all our products contain no THC or traces of it. Rest assured that you are consuming a safe and legally compliant product that will not produce a high once consumed.

8. Do I Need A Doctor’s Prescription To Consume Honey Health Sticks?

You do not need a doctor’s prescription to consume Honey Health Sticks. They are safe, contain only natural honey, and no more than 15 mg of CBD. In fact, the entire stick contains only 1 tablespoon of honey. With that said, infants or children shouldn't consume them.

9. I Have an Active Lifestyle, will the Honey Health Sticks Cause Weight Gain?

If consumed in moderation, Honey Health Sticks will not lead to an increase in weight. Each stick only contains 15 calories. Yet, honey is naturally high in carbohydrates and has no fiber. We only recommend that you use Honey Health Sticks once or twice a day.

10. Why Should I Choose Honey Health Sticks over Other Products?

We keep things simple and organic. The vast majority of similar products in the market do not have the same high-quality standards. That means more impurities, refined honey, and artificial additives.

We do not use CBD isolate. This means that the CBD has a viscosity that is very similar to the natural honey we use. And since our honey is natural, you won’t see any crusty or crystallized product build-up. Our products speak for themselves, and you’ll notice the difference if you’ve used other honey stick brands.

Our honey and Hemp sources are all local, Midwest-based providers. They have met rigorous requirements and have a multitude of certifications that ensure that you’re only getting the best, most natural product available.

What’s more, Honey Health Sticks are the only products in the market that contain full-spectrum hemp extract. We have a strict and thorough quality-control process and we publish our results frequently.

With the quality of the ingredients and a price that’s hard to beat, we only offer the most authentic, ethically-sourced Honey Sticks in the market.

11. How Long do Honey Health Sticks Last?

We recommend that you consume the sticks within two years. However, honey has an indefinite, eternal shelf-life. Since we stand behind our product and the high quality of the honey used, we are confident that you can use these sticks well after purchase.

One thing to keep in mind is that honey naturally filters out anything that isn’t honey. That means that the CBD inside the sticks may separate from the honey. This does nothing to its properties and actually helps to preserve the CBD and allows it to work better.

12. How Do I Eat CBD Honey Sticks?

Honey Health Sticks are very versatile. You can consume them directly from the straw, by themselves. If you’re looking to sweeten healthy desserts like oatmeal or yogurt. If food is not your choice, you can squeeze the contents into a cup of warm chai, or even add it to your coffee.

The Honey Sticks taste great and won’t leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth. Better yet, since they’re so discreet, you can take them with you virtually anywhere. If you go to the gym or after a yoga session, the sticks perfectly complement a healthy shake or smoothie. Plus, since they’re low in calories, you can satisfy your sweet craving without going overboard with the calorie count.