The Surprising Truth About Healthy Honey Sticks

Most of us know about the health advantages of natural, raw honey from the hive. The thick, golden liquid has many benefits and is healthier than artificial sweeteners. But what does honey have to do with cannabidiol or CBD? And what happens if you combine the two together?

CBD is a non-psychoactive extract of the cannabis plant. It doesn’t produce a “high” but has all the benefits of the plant. We’ve combined the powerful properties of honey and CBD into one product -Honey Health Sticks.

These Non-GMO sticks harness the properties of honey and CBD. Together, they create a delicious snack that has many  benefits.

Wouldn't you like to know how CBD and honey work together to help you live your best life?

The Benefits of Honey

Humans have used honey for thousands of years to help sweeten food and beverages. Even ancient Egyptian Kings understood the value of this super-food. Archaeologists found 3,000-year-old pots of honey in pyramids that are still edible today!

Other than its delicious taste, honey has numerous health benefits such as:

Rich in Antioxidants

Real honey contains organic acids and antioxidants important for health and well-being. 

Antioxidants repair cell damage and fight oxidization in your body. They also decrease your risk of developing some types of cancers. Darker colored honey has more antioxidants than light-colored honey.

The Health Benefits of CBD

CBD has shown time and time again that it helps people of all ages live a healthier life style. It is not the same as THC, the psychoactive compound that’s responsible for the cannabis “high”. People use CBD for a multitude of reasons, like easing chronic pain, nausea, and insomnia. 

CBD and Honey - A Treat for Body and Mind

We’ve harvested the power of honey and combined it with CBD to produce Honey Health Sticks.  Honey Heath Sticks give you the healing benefits of nature.

Why are Honey Sticks Healthy?

  • Healthy Honey Sticks are natural, organic, and Non-GMO. They are THC free, and legal in all U.S. states.
  • Healthy Honey Sticks are extracted from high-quality honey. It not only acts as a super food but is a great way to be healthy and mindful. The honey in our Health Sticks is 100% natural and sourced from Wisconsin wildflowers.
  • It's sustainably sourced from local beekeepers. Health sticks don't harm the environment and promote safe and ethical bee-keeping practices.
  • The sticks are great for on-the-go use that suits your active lifestyle. Each stick only has 15 calories and 12 mg of CBD. You don’t need to worry about weight gain or synthetic sweeteners from these sticks. They contain no artificial colors or additives that are not from the honey itself.
  • Use them on the go to sweeten your favorite healthy dessert. They're great when used in a healthy shake. You can even use them to sweeten your breakfast cereal or morning coffee.
  • The CBD taste is not discernible in the health sticks. At most, there is a slightly earthy aftertaste that can pop up for sensitive palates.

The sticks are a great option after a yoga session or even while you’re sipping an herbal chai. You can drizzle it on your favorite yogurt blend or stir it into any beverage. You don't even need to add it to any product. We're so certain you'll love it that we recommend it on its own!

Consuming CBD via combustion may not be an option for many women. Even vaporizers can be irritating. With Healthy Honey sticks, you won't need to worry about throat irritation or other effects.

These safe, natural sticks won't harm your health or the environment. 

A Lifestyle Choice for Health-Conscious People

White sugar is highly-refined and contains many additives. You'll notice if you consume a lot of sugar that it makes you feel sluggish later on in the day. Honey Health Sticks naturally sweeten your food or beverages and don't cause a sugar crash. You'll stay energized and enjoy the activities you love without the sluggish feeling.

Healthy Honey Sticks are a fantastic choice for health-conscious people. They are reasonably priced and shipped conveniently to your door. You don't need any extra equipment to use them.

Try a packet yourself and discover the benefits of Healthy Honey Sticks. Healthy Honey Sticks work, leaving you energized, happy, and focused.

We must be mindful of what we put in our bodies. A good approach is to always resort to natural healing. Harsh conventional medicine should be a last resort.

Healthy Honey Sticks are a safe, effective, and delicious new way to look and feel better.